we are wild ones

Melbourne based production company with a passion to

Capture. create. Inspire.

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We Are Wild Ones is a technology based social media marketing company, founded in early 2019. This idea however goes back to early 2017 with a group of friends making social media content together using their Wild Ones title, which would later spark the idea for the brand.
The Wild Ones team is focused on being able to bring unique and authentic work to their clients and audience through their love of visual creativity. It is a goal for the team to make a break in the market for a more personal experience for anyone that watches the content or for anyone the team works with, for them to feel as if they are also a Wild One and as if they are right there next to the duo on their creative journey.



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Promotional and Social Media Assistance


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Individual photo shoots for private occasions and projects


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Documentaries and international projects


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